Downtown Boise Taproom

Beer, Wine, Ciders

We keep a well curated and ever-changing stock of fun and interesting beers, wines, ciders, and snacks from all over the world, the US, and Idaho. Our selection is carefully curated by our in-house Cicerone and Sommelier. Enjoy a pint or two, and go home with something special!


Manfred’s Kitchen nextdoor serves food in our taproom. Just place your order with them, and they’ll bring it over to you while you enjoy a beer.

Click here to see Manfred’s current menu and specials

Taproom Exclusive Small-Batch Brews

In the Taproom you can try our latest small-batch experiments, including barrel-aged sours, specialty IPAs, and unique twists on classic lagers



We don’t compromise our ethics for profit. When you see a beer made with fruit, spice, or botanical.. it is that ingredient, not an extract or flavoring. Drinking a Woodland Empire beer guarantees you 100% real ingredients handcrafted by real people specifically for your enjoyment.


We use Idaho ingredients whenever possible, sometimes foraged out in the wild. We collaborate heavily with Idaho growers, businesses, non-profits and cool people. Name another brewery more Idaho than Woodland Empire- we proudly, but not arrogantly, boast our knowledge of Idaho flora and our relationships with the people, the land, and the ideals of Idaho.


We may not be the biggest brewery in Idaho, we may not even be the best. But we are real good. Our extremely talented team of brewers, led by owner Keely Landerman, creates every recipe with the final product in mind. Each beer is more than just hand-crafted. We carefully take the idea of the beer we want you to enjoy and work backwards to the best recipe we can muster. We will put our beer toe-to-toe with any other beer on the planet. We don’t chase trends, we don’t pander to consumers; we make what we feel is solid, delicious, and authentic beer.

1114 W Front St. – Boise, Idaho – 83702