Style: Saison with coffee

Brewed in collaboration with Boise based coffee roasters Dawson Taylor. When the good folks at Dawson Taylor reached out to us to do a collaboration but wanted us to brew something light we jumped at the opportunity. How does one pull off a light coffee beer, though? Lightning struck as we sipped on Ethiopian Yirgacheffe- full of blueberry, lemon rind, tangerine, black currant, caramleized sugar, coriander, peach… With a coffee so complex, what beer style would be worthy of it? Only one beer style we know of has a similar complexity and character: saison. And so was born Yirge, our take on the coffee beer, our ode to the saison, our homage to hand-picked coffee beans grown at high altitudes in a beautiful far away place.

Geek Speak:

5.5% alcohol by volume
18 IBU


NW 2-row, NW white wheat malt, acidulated malt


East Kent Goldings


Contains Wheat
Contains NO Animal Products


Vegan – Eggplant and oyster mushroom marsala, shiitake BLT

Omnivore – coffee-rubbed Carne Asada taco, Basque chorizo grinder

Availability: Limited

15.5 gal keg (half barrel)
5.16 gal keg (sixth barrel)
16.9 oz/500 mL bottle

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