Style: Berliner-style Weisse

Sour beers aren’t given quite the respect they deserve from many newer brewers, instead getting chemical additives and flavorings to create them. That’s not craft beer in our minds. We try our best to make solid representations of classic styles, and this tart gem is no exception. Starting with a pure culture of Lactobacillus Delbruekii we grow up a 1 bbl starter. We then open it up to the elements and allow native bacteria and wild yeast to join the party and help create depth and complexity, putting our own local flavor into this brew. After ample time of one to several weeks for the culture to grow and develop, we then begin our brewing process. After a lengthy and thick mash, where we also add hops for this unique brew, we fill our kettle and add our sour starter culture. Keeping the temperature of this concoction around 100ºF for a week or more allows the bacterial cocktail to create myriad chemical compounds  as well as alcohol thanks to the hetero-fermentative nature of L. Delbruekii. Once pH readings signal the desired range of acidity as well as taste and aroma analysis (worst part of the job!) we then heat pasteurize to prevent further souring, fermentation or contamination. The pseudo beer is then transferred to a conical fermenter and finished with our house ale yeast and fruit is subsequently added and aged to impart its own character. Try our various fruited versions throughout the year. Prosit!

Geek Speak:

4.0% alcohol by volume


NW 2-row, NW white wheat malt, Idaho-grown raw white wheat




Contains Wheat
Contains NO Animal Products


Vegan – Sautéed morels and asparagus on sourdough, arugula and pickled carrot salad with citrus vinaigrette

Omnivore – Eggs benedict, charcuterie, soft sheep’s milk cheese

Availability: YEAR ROUND (various fruited versions)

15.5 gal keg (half barrel)
5.16 gal keg (sixth barrel)
22 oz bottle

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