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Style: American Amber Ale

Named for the incredible American composer and poet known as the Viking of 6th Ave, Moondog is smooth and drinks easy- handcrafted for subtlety and nuance. More than your everyday amber, there are layers to Moondog. Its rich malt character and smooth, lightly hopped finish make it an enjoyable drink anytime.

Geek Speak:

5.3% alcohol by volume

35 IBU


NW 2-row, Crystal 75º


East Kent Goldings


Contains NO Animal Products


Vegan – Beet burger with grilled onions, smoked tempeh and tofu scramble, lentil loaf with mashed potatoes

Omnivore – Bangers and mash, t-bone steak and eggs, breakfast tacos

Availability: YEAR ROUND

15.5 gal keg (half barrel)
5.16 gal keg (sixth barrel)
22 oz bottle

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