beast moans 2015

Style: Imperial Stout

Brewed for the cold winter months with malt smoked in-house over seasoned local cherrywood from Kelly’s Canyon orchard, Beast Moans is dark, deep and warming. The cherrywood smoked malt provides subtle cherry flavor along with a soft, smoky whisp on the finish. Rich chocolate, subtle undertones of cherry and plum with a dry, smoky and roasty finish.

Geek Speak:

10% alcohol by volume

65 IBU


NW 2-row, in-house cherrywood-smoked 2-row, Crystal 75º, chocolate malt, roasted barley, special B


Bravo, UK Goldings


House-made dark candi syrup from raw cane sugar (non-bone char)

Contains NO Animal Products


Vegan – Sautéed morel mushrooms on Acme Bakeshop sourdough, beet burger with caramelized onion, raw brownie

Omnivore – Roast duck with cherry compote, Stilton, chili-maple bacon, Oaxacan molé

Availability: Seasonal (Dec/Jan)

15.5 gal keg (half barrel)
5.16 gal keg (sixth barrel)
22 oz bottle

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