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Style: Black IPA

We know, it can’t be black and pale, but after much internal debate we fill it best describes what you’re drinking. Brewed like an IPA and a dark beer (in the stout wheelhouse), a black IPA should have a strong hop aroma complimentary to the roast and sweet malt aromas. The flavor should follow suit, with an upfront bitterness and flavor that blends nicely with the roasted malt character. Finding this balance can be a challenge, and many American brewers opt to use debittered black malt, thus simply dying an IPA black without adding much roastiness at all. We took the challenge and are quite happy with the outcome. Black as pitch with a strong NW hop aroma provided by Idaho-grown Zeus and Centennial hops backed by a smooth roasty malt aroma. Chocolatey, roasty with an upfront hop bitterness and flavors of pine and citrus with a lasting roast and hop bitterness on the finish. We hope you like it, too!

Geek Speak:

6.66% alcohol by volume

66.6 IBU


NW 2-row, Crystal 75º, roasted barley


Idaho grown Zeus, Centennial


Contains NO Animal Products


Vegan – Grilled Portobello burger, garlic fries, vegan chili, figs

Omnivore – short ribs, raw oysters, lamb and onion tart with gorgonzola

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