Style: Berliner-Weisse

Acme Boisener-weisse is a hyper-local beer made in collaboration with our good friends Michael and Soraya from Acme Bakeshop. They were kind enough to lend us their sourdough starter, made from an open-air culture of local yeast and bacteria. We took their tart and aromatic starter to a local lab to isolate the pure, fresh lactobacillus bacteria species. This beer then spends a minimum of 3 months in the bottle, developing its lively carbonation and complex sour character. Utilizing Idaho grown hops, NW barley, local wheat and local bacteria, Boisener-weisse is a truly local offering.

When drinking beers labeled as “Berliner-weisse” or “sour,” check with the brewery and see how it was produced. A true Berliner-weisse or sour beer uses bacteria to create the tartness, which will be complex in aroma and flavor, not just a puckering mouthfeel. Tart can be refreshing and drinkable, but if someone is claiming to make “craft beer” and is cutting corners by pouring lacitc acid (which is becoming a more common occurrence), the intent of the heart is cheating, not crafting. Take pride in what you drink and hold brewers accountable for quality and craftsmanship.

Geek Speak:

3.0% alcohol by volume



NW 2-row, Idaho wheat


Idaho-grown Cascade


Brewed with lactobacillus bacteria

Contains NO Animal Products


Vegan – Mixed greens with grapefruit wedges and cilantro-lime vinaigrette, bagel with heirloom tomato and fresh basil

Omnivore – Eggs florentine. Caesar salad with seared salmon, crab cakes

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