Woodland Empire Ale Craft goes beyond just making awesome beer, it’s about building a community. We love to collaborate with like-minded craftsman to make beers, artwork, and have events. We also love to collaborate with local charity groups and non-profits that have a goal of making the world better and our community stronger.

Making beer doesn’t have to just be an industrial process of manufacturing raw materials into a commercially-viable product. Artistry, integrity and community are all elements we put into everything we make. As brewers we draw inspiration to create our concoctions from music, books, people and organizations that we love and respect. Our hope as a brewery is to build a strong community around us with like-minded folks who love to live to the fullest and enjoy great beer.

Our Empire Series beers will be released throughout each year as collaborations with local not-for-profit groups who inspire us. We will collaborate on the style, recipe and name of the beer so that it equally represents us both. For the duration of the beers release half of the proceeds will go to our collaborator.

Inspired to collaborate with us? Email Rob@woodlandempire.com

Earth-Friendly Ingredients

Alpha Hop Sales/Jackson Organic Hop Farm– Parma, Idaho

Hi-Stakes Spelt (Non-GMO cereal grains)- Sugar City, Idaho

Great Western Malting (organic NW grown malts)

Folks We Like

Doma Coffee (organic/fair-trade coffee roasters of the best coffee we’ve ever tasted, and all around rad people; the source of our tasting room coffee as well as a key ingredient for In The Morning)- Post Falls, Idaho

Modern Hotel and Bar (the nicest people  in Boise and crafters of some fine cocktails)

Acme Bakeshop (best bread in Boise, hands down! Fellow artisan and collaborator)

Things WE Think Are Dope

The Sessions Beer Project

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