The best parts of winter are the eating, drinking, and sleeping. Oh, to be a bear… Yet then we would miss out on silky, delicious milk stouts. Often brewed as a slightly sweeter version of regular stouts using lactose (unfermentable sugar derived from milk) for added body and sweetness, ours is more of a comfort food, a dessert, a beverage best shared with good company near a roaring fire in a godawful sweater. Not quite strong enough to be consider “imperial,” yet certainly not normal strength- Big Ol’.

Batch Size 5 gal

ABV: 10%
IBU: 23
OG: 1.090/21.25º Plato
FG: 1.012/3º Plato
Attenuation: 84%
Mash: 60 minutes at 154ºF
Boil Time: 90 minutes
Fermentation: 68ºF with a neutral ale yeast

NW Two Row Pale Malt- 72%
NW Crystal 120º Malt- 6%
NW Crystal 60º Malt- 8%
Chocolate Malt- 2.5%
Roasted Barley- 1.5%

Lactose sugar- 1.25 lbs (Added at beginning of boil)

Kent Goldings- (100%) 23 IBU, 60 minutes

Pitching yeast at a rate of 1 million cells/mL, and re-yeasting at 45% attenuation will help ensure a complete fermentation.

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